Hi, I'm Eric

I'm a developer.

I like to code. And I like to develop new things. Mostly I develop for the web - products and services for myself or for others, and open source tools for different scenarios.


I believe code should do exactly what it’s supposed to do - not more, not less. On the web in particular, this means avoiding bloated libraries and crazy Stack Overflow -hacks.

The web is built on well implemented standards - use them.


I’m an entrepreneur at heart. This means that I always think about why I develop what I develop. This applies as much to my work with clients as my own solutions.

Test early and often because it’s fun and effective.


I’m open for client work. Hit me up and let’s see if we’re a match!

Privacy-first static site hosting

I’m building a static site hosting service that doesn’t track anyone at all. Not even IP addresses are logged. All servers are in Europe, which is of course great for GDPR.

TypeScript static site generator

bob is a TypeScript static site generator based on the awesome Deno runtime. But it’s also so much more - TSX server functions and generator-based content importing out of the box. And incremental builds for extremely fast content updates.


Static eCommerce frontend for retail

I started the transformation to a static eCommerce frontend for a Finnish retailer, building the first version that ran successfully for many years. Our views have since diverged a bit, but the original idea still lives strong. Separating the backend (e.g. Shopify) from the frontend (e.g. static site) has many advantages, and this is still the architecture in use.


Finnish Baby Box

I co-founded a company selling a starter package for new parents. What a ride it was! On the technical side, I developed and managed the our custom-built ecommerce solution. We sold the business to a Finnish childwear company, where Finnish Baby Box now has a new home.



I tried every todo app out there and finally decided to make my own that works the way I want. Active users: 3.